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A second antique cannon has been found in the Gaza strip

On Tuesday, the Palestinian civil defence crew in Gaza found on old cannon in the sea near Zawayda in central Gaza Strip that is believed to date back to before the First World War.

The civil defence crew assisted the marine police in extracting the cannon from the middle of the sea by using bulldozers and then dragging it to the beach.

It is believed that the British-made cannon was manufactured in 1910 and used during the First World War (1914-1918).

This is the second time this month that there have been reports of a cannon found off Gaza's shores. The first was reportedly found by marine police in Gaza on 31 October on a sunken British warship. It is believed that the ship was sunk at the hands of the Ottoman army during the First World War. On board the ship was a large sized and heavy weight cannon. After extracting the cannon, the municipality of Deir Al-Balah placed it in a public field in the city's centre.

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