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Israel threatens to demolish 10 wells in occupied West Bank

February 11, 2014 at 1:03 pm

The Israeli occupation army has delivered demolition notices to the Palestinian residents of Yatta village in the south of the West Bank relating to 10 wells, a tent and a barn. All are alleged to have been built “without a permit”.

Popular resistance activist Ratib Al-Jbour told Turkey’s Anadolu news agency that the wells were sunk with the support of an international organisation to help villagers to water crops and give the goats water to drink. “Israel’s intention is to displace the residents to expand a settlement,” he claimed. All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

Al-Jbour did not specify the demolition date, but local Palestinians say that the occupation army usually turns up unexpectedly with their armoured bulldozers once property owners have been served with demolition orders. The Israeli authorities did not respond to requests for verification of the claim.

Israel prevents the Palestinians from building in “Area C”, which includes most of the city of Hebron. The occupied West Bank was divided into three zones by the Oslo Accords. Area A represents 18 per cent of the West Bank and its administration and security are controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Area B represents 21 per cent of the West Bank and is administered by the PA but security is run by the Israeli occupation authorities. Area C covers 61 per cent of the West and is subject to Israeli security and administration.