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Israeli forces detain 11 Palestinians including a disabled former prisoner

February 15, 2014 at 1:27 pm

On Tuesday, forces of the Israeli occupation raided several Palestinian cities and neighbourhoods in the Occupied West Bank detaining 11 Palestinian citizens, including a disabled former prisoner.

Sources from Hebron told MEMO that a large contingent of Israeli forces raided the city of Hebron and broke into the house of the disabled former prisoner, Motaz Abeedo, 33. They searched his home thoroughly before detaining him.

Israeli forces also carried out raids on several towns and neighbourhoods in and around the Hebron area erecting temporary checkpoints at their entrances. They also raided residential houses and searched them causing significant damage to the properties.

In Beit-Amer in northern Hebron, Israeli forces detained the former prisoners Ahmed Ikhlail and Ahmed Sabarneh. In Al-Aroub Refugee Camp near Hebron, they detained two minors, Mohammed al-Titi and his cousin Safi al-Titi. Both 15-year olds were detained at their homes during night.

Meanwhile, large numbers of the Israeli forces raided neighbourhoods in Nablus and detained Ayman al-Sarkaji, Basheer Adeeli, Badawi Alawneh and his cousin Nader Alawneh.

While patrolling the streets of the Azoon neighbourhood in Qalqilya, the Israeli forces detained university student, Qusai Shehab. They later raided the house of a PA security officer and thoroughly searched it. No detentions were reported and the reasons for the search are unknown.

In Ayda Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, sources said that a very large number of Israeli forces broke into the house Palestinian prisoner, Omar Audeh, and searched it. After leaving the house, they chanced on Mohamed Darweesh, 21, in the streets and detained him.

Commenting on the detention of the disabled former prisoner, Abeedo, the former hunger striker, Sheikh Khader Adnan, said: “This is clear cut evidence of the systematic Israeli terrorism practiced against Palestinians.”

Speculating on the reasons for Abeedo’s detention, Adnan asked: “What kind of danger does this paralysed man pose to Israel?”

In a statement sent to MEMO, Adnan called on all the countries that “pretend” to uphold democracy while supporting Israel, to wake up on the “horror” inflicted on Palestinians by Israel and its forces.

“Those countries which pretend to uphold human rights have to look at the misery that Israel inflects on Palestinians,” he said. “They must take tangible measures to stop such horrific aggression.”

Motaz Abeedo was wounded in his stomach by the Israeli occupation forces when they previously raided his house and detained him. He spent several months in Israeli prisons without receiving proper treatment. His health deteriorated and he lost the ability to stand on his feet.