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Turkish president: Egypt is a strategic partner we support by all means

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

The Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, stated on Wednesday that there are “deep historic and cultural relations” which connect Turkey with Egypt. “We look forward to this country being a considerable strategic partner in the Middle East and the Mediterranean,” Gul said.

Gul told the Anatolia news agency that Turkish-Egyptian relations had taken a new, “more important” turn following the Egyptian revolution. He noted that his country was working to develop these relations using “all means.”

The Turkish president said: “I am completely sure that Turkey and Egypt are well qualified to effectively contribute to reinforcing security and stability in the whole region.” He noted that the achievement of a ceasefire in Gaza several months ago was an example of this.

Gul also asserted that Turkey would continue to stand beside Egypt as it navigates its way through the “current difficult and sensitive stage.” He said: “We are ready to respond to any demand by Egypt, be it political, economic or technical. Allocating $2billions to subsidise infrastructure projects in Egypt is proof of our real stance.”

As an indication of the strength of relations between the two countries, Gul said: “The Council of Strategic Cooperation between the two countries has signed 39 cooperation documents during the past two years. Our support is for all Egyptians. Our goal is to promote economic and commercial relations to a degree that reflects the deep political relations.”

According to Gul, the size of commercial exchange between the countries in 2012 reached $5billion and Turkey is “working to increase it to reach $10billions a year as soon as possible.”

Gul happily called for Egyptian investors in Turkey and said that Turkish investors were doing well in Egypt. “Our country’s doors are wide opened to Egyptian businessmen”, he said and that Turkey called on international investors around the world to contribute to the development of Egypt.”

Gul expressed his hopes for Egypt saying that he is ‘sure’ that it will soon get through the “critical situation” it currently faces. He called for all Egyptian parties to be “wiser and work to make public interest prevail over personal interest.”