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Lieberman reiterates Israeli refusal to sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Israel will not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty intended to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons because the Zionist state "does not pose a threat to peace in the world". That is the view of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in response to a call from his Australian counterpart, Kevin Rudd. "The problem is not focused on the issue of the deployment of nuclear weapons itself," claimed Lieberman, "but over the responsibility of the State which posses weapons of this kind."

During his meeting with Mr Rudd on 14th December, the right-wing Israeli politician expressed his belief that what he described as "responsible states" such as Japan, Australia and Germany, "do not pose a threat to peace in the world" although they have the capability to produce nuclear weapons in a short space of time.

Many international forums, including the UN, have demanded repeatedly that Israel should sign up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and place its nuclear facilities under the scrutiny of the International Atomic Energy Agency. A poll by the European Commission in 2003 across 15 EU member states found that Israel was regarded as "the top threat to world peace".

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