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Shaath: No retreat on Palestinians going to the United Nations

Member of Fatah's Central Committee and its Commissioner of international relations, Dr Nabil Shaath, has confirmed Palestinian intentions to go to the United Nations to gain recognition of a Palestinian state saying, "We are serious about going to the UN, and in light of the stalemate on the political horizon and the failure of the negotiations; there is no retreat on it."

This statement was made yesterday at Fatah's Office of International Relations during a series of meetings with the French Consul General in Jerusalem, a delegation of the German Socialist Party, and a Mexican delegation.
Shaath called on all European countries to recognize the Palestinian state and to stand with Palestinians at the United Nations underscoring the significance of the situation and the particular importance of French support to the Palestinian Authority at this point.

Given US failure to pressure Israel and their preoccupation with internal affairs, Shaath also called on Europe to play a foremost role at this crucial stage. He also talked about the issue of national reconciliation and its role in the success of the Authority's efforts and activities at the United Nations.

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