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The Palestinian Prisoners' Forum warns against Israeli law preventing Palestinian detainees from meeting with lawyers

February 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm

A Palestinian rights organisation has warned against the dangers of the law approved by the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Law and Constitution which authorises Israeli courts to prevent certain Palestinian detainees from meeting with their lawyers for a whole year.
The Palestinian Prisoners’ Forum stated in a press release that “The Israeli law is extremely dangerous and demonstrates that Israel is transforming, through law and behaviour, into a racist country.”

“What the law stipulates is [already being] implemented against [Palestinian] prisoners, however Israel is trying to institutionalise its racist, inhumane behaviour and policies by putting them in its laws,” the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club added. “This law and other racist laws are an indication of Israel’s disregard for the international community.”
This law comes in the context of an Israeli scheme to make things more difficult for the more than 8,000 Palestinian prisoners living under harsh conditions in Israeli jails.