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Israeli settlers set fire to vehicles in West Nablus

An overnight arson attack has been carried out by Israeli settlers who set fire to three cars and a tractor outside Immatin village, west of Nablus. Residents found the scorched and skeletal remains of the vehicles on Thursday morning.

Ghassan Doghlas, an official with responsibility for recording such incidents in the northern West Bank, said that a number of settlers from Shafit Gilad, an illegal outpost in the Qedumim settlement bloc, left their fenced-off area and entered the lands around the village, not ten metres from its main gate. The incident took place at around 1:30am on Thursday.

The cars belonged to Ayyad Sawwan, Muhammad Ghanem and Ibrahim Ghanem, who also owned the tractor. Doughlas added that several residents witnessed the settlers lighting fires under the cars and saw them escape into the hills, back towards the settlement.

Source: Maan

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