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Rajoub: “US Threatened Fateh of Boycott Should It Reconcile With Hamas”

February 27, 2014 at 11:34 pm

Deputy-head of the Central Committee of Fateh movement, Jibril Rajoub, stated that the movement and its presidents, Mahmoud Abbas, were threatened on boycott by the United States should they achieve reconciliation with the rival Hamas movement. 

The statements of Rajoub came during an interview with the Al Sabah Tunisian Newspaper.

The former head of the Preventive Security Forces in the West Bank added that during unity talks with Hamas, Fateh movement was threatened by several United States officials who said that signing a deal with Hamas would lead to a siege on Fateh and its Authority in the West Bank.

He also called for a larger Turkish role in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. Rajoub further stated that when Egypt proposed reconciliation and talk between Fateh and Hamas, his movement, despite some reservations on the Egyptian proposals, approved holding talks with Hamas but as the talks where ongoing under Egyptian mediation, the United States threatened to boycott Fateh.

He added that the movement decided to accept the Egyptian proposals and to reject the “provocative American pressures and threats”. “We are still willing to hold talks with Hamas”, Rajoub added, “We are not part of any foreign agenda, we are a Palestinian movement working for Palestine and its cause”.


He also welcomed the international delegates visiting the Gaza Strip and breaking the siege, and called on Europe and the United States to open dialogue with the Hamas movement as it is an important part of the Palestinian people and that Hamas cannot be ignored.

He called for unity with Hamas and all factions, and added that Hamas’s gate to regional and international recognition can only be achieved through unity and under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

As for peace talks with Israel and the expected 14th visit of the US Middle East Envoy, George Mitchell, Rajoub stated that Fateh movement will not accept to resume peace talks with Israel before it stops its violations, the illegal settlement activities and the construction of the Annexation Wall.

He added that talks cannot be held with Israel while it is ongoing with its violations in East Jerusalem, the destruction of homes and the ongoing efforts to change its demography.

“The visit of Mitchell, and others, will not change anything on the ground”, he stated, “We will continue our political maneuvers and efforts to raise awareness to the cause, and achieve justice”.

He further states that Turkey is a regional power that can affect the situation in the Middle East, and is playing an essential role in the region.

Source: IMEMC News