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Egyptian opposition is crying over spilt milk

President Mohamed Morsi made a speech right before June 30, the day he stood before the people in one of the greatest appearances made by any politician in the world, and for that moment he abandoned his position as president and declared himself one of the people, elected by the people as president of Egypt, he said, “After a year as president, I have made mistakes”.

The Egyptians have never heard this phrase said by any of their leaders throughout their long history. These words were a declaration of a new political culture in the country, declared by a man who rose above the events at the time. This position had to be built upon because it was not only a declaration made by a president, but was also the founding of a system and relationship between the leader and the people and a new approach to the management of human relations between the president and the people.

On the other hand, his opposition from the National Salvation Front, consisting of liberals, secularists, and Nasserists, who failed to develop themselves and trapped themselves in their temple and praised the school of thought founded by Gamal Abdel Nasser, as well as the saboteurs, political amateurs, the opposition forces and cartoonish political parties who have no footing on the streets and resort to thuggery and illegal acts and distance themselves from political work. All of these people do not believe in the results of the ballot boxes and cannot deal with others, nor do they understand the sophisticated language of political principles, except that “Ikhwanifying” the state means there are six Brotherhood ministers in a government ruling during a transitional period, and under a government ruled by a president belonging to the same party.

I got the feeling that the lowliness of the military generals would rise to the surface and will play a major role in directing the poor opposition, lacking politically and popularly, when the coup leader called on the opposition forces to come to the discussion table in one of the halls of the Armed Forces. The liberal forces quickly abandoned the principles of democracy and let go of every shred of modesty and honour and toyed with the military institution. They were quickly turned into puppets in the hands of the military, acting to depose the first elected president and abort the democratic experience merely because the ballot box put the Muslim Brotherhood in power. That changed their beliefs, causing them to turn the tables on themselves and declare that the military rule was better than the rule of the Brotherhood.

This does not surprise me much, as the liberal forces only produced some data, issued by the National Salvation Front, and a number of articles published in their newspapers, but failed to offer an alternative to rule Egypt. Their weakness has been exposed in terms of leadership, as they have abandoned their virility and retreated behind the military machine, not daring to compete with the leader of the coup. They gave up their political honour on a silver platter and exposed themselves when they agreed to compromise their principles, freedoms and rights, which politicians consider the beginning of the collapse and fall of the Egyptian liberals who danced on the bodies of the martyrs and supporting the killing of their political opponents in one of the most despicable political scenes in the world. They lost their morality and accepted the abuse of their opponents.

They have been swept away by political stupidity and have the understanding that they will fill the large gap left by the Muslim Brotherhood in its conflict with the military state in a military-secular alliance supported by resources from a very complex network formed by the “Deep State” who are remnants of the Mubarak regime, all of whom are characterised by corruption and a hatred of the Islamists.

This absurd scene, which lacks professionalism and honour, is dominated by political hatred that produces instigative media that is based on demonising and defaming the Islamists, as was the case during Mubarak’s reign…however, now, they are just crying over spilt milk.

I am definitely not calling on them to join the free people, as their hands are stained with blood and they have come up with an illegitimate constitution rejected by anyone not belonging to that group. Nor am I calling on them to take on the positions they promoted during Mubarak’s reign. Anyone justifying murder, who enjoys playing the field while claiming nationalism and honour, has no place in the freedom camp; this is a place for the pure.

The immature opposition in Egypt against the legitimate president of the country would not know how countries are governed during transitional phases, how to manage post-revolution stages and how to get along with whoever is ruling the country as a means of managing crises. The opposition has no principles of managing crises because they have not read how Abraham Lincoln governed the United States during one if its toughest times, despite not achieve economic glory, he still remains one of the greatest leaders in American history because he managed the country during a transitional phase and established principles.

This opposition does not understand that their coup against President Morsi was a coup against such principles. Moreover, if we studied the issue in terms of political interests, they lost the democratic path that may have led to their chance to rule and have also lost the possibility of distributing power peacefully and living in a free and fair country in which people distribute power legitimately and credibly.

Those who are unable to hold a dialogue with their political opponents cannot make a history for their country nor can they be trusted to manage the country in accordance with the political concepts. Also, those who do not possess the strategies of political action must believe in the decisions and choices of the people and must impose the decisions of the revolutionaries on the ground, and some day, the wind will sail their ship.

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