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Libya thwarts military coup

The Libyan government thwarted an attempt by former military leaders and politicians to overthrow the National Congress and form a military junta to rule the country, Libya's Defence Minister Abdullah Al-Thani said on Wednesday.

Al-Thani told Libya's Al-Ahrar channel: "The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Nuri Abu- Sahmin, ordered the officers and politicians who orchestrated the coup to be arrested. The rebels are still being pursued by the army which was able to thwart the coup before it began."

A member of the Libyan Committee for National Security Conference, MP Abdul Rahman Aldeebani said earlier that: "The National Congress presidency received information from military intelligence indicating that some military officers and politicians were planning to release a public statement calling for the formation of a military junta to rule the country and overthrow the parliament and the government."

Informed sources said intelligence service reports to the General National Congress presidency called for the plenary session, which was scheduled on Tuesday morning, to be cancelled. It also called for caution of any suspicious movements near the parliament headquarters and palace complex in the capital Tripoli.

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