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The republic of fear

Egypt is going through an unprecedented state of fear, unknown to the country even throughout the eras of tyranny, oppression and injustice it has witnessed many times in its history. However, this time, in light of the brutal military coup, Egypt is living this reality after having experienced and breathed the air of freedom during the year of elected President Dr Mohamed Morsi’s period in office. Egyptians tasted the sweetness of victory and learned its value, and now they can never give it up, regardless of the sacrifices the people will have to make. They will give up their money and lives for the sake of this precious freedom, the value of which is equal to life itself.

Freedom is the nature of existence that God gave to His creation and the coup-leaders know that Egyptian citizens broke through the fear barrier after the January 25 Revolution, so they want to rebuild the barrier even thicker and higher than before with more killings, beatings, oppression, torture and arrests. They are the tools of repression used in authoritarian regimes that turn free and dignified citizens into lowly slaves subject to their master. This is what the ruling coup-led government in Egypt has been trying to achieve since the brutal takeover on July 3 last year. However, they have failed to achieve their goal, and the protests that have swept the entire country, from east to west, are evidence of their miserable failure to establish the foundations of their governance. The military can no longer terrorise and intimidate the Egyptian people as it did in the past.

Egypt has gone back to being a police state where phone calls are monitored and privacy is violated. The latest evidence of this is that internet and social networking pages are being spied on; those deemed to be dissenters are prosecuted and persecuted by Al-Sisi’s security agencies and the compliant judiciary. The coup-organisers have exercised all forms of suppression but have not been able to silence the anti-coup voices even after the horrendous designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist group” issued by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab. Anyone who is a member of the group or anyone participating in its activities, spreading its ideology or promoting the movement is regarded by the Egyptian government as a “terrorist”.

Do not be surprised by this; Egypt was taking tentative steps towards a brighter future but is now heading back towards the Stone Age thanks to the coup. Its leaders have announced their plans to generate fuel with coal while the science, technology and health of the citizens can go to hell! Science and scientists have had no value in this coup era; hundreds of the finest young Egyptian scientists are behind bars and several died in the horrendous massacres committed by the security forces.

The coup-organisers believe that nothing is as important as stabilising their grip on power, even at the expense of destroying Egypt and its people; even if the throne is built on the corpses of the people. The only thing that matters is that Al-Sisi remains on the throne in order to fulfil his dream.

Our country is now at the mercy of Al-Sisi’s dream, but God Almighty can turn his dream into a nightmare that haunts him day and night, and neither his personal Mufti, Ali Gomaa, nor Yasser Borhami, can save him. They will be the first to disown him and try to escape from their own nightmares which will haunt them. God’s wrath will come down on them all and no one who blessed the coup, dirtied their hands with the blood of the innocent that was shed in the massacres, or turned a blind eye will escape. The justice of God does not sleep nor is it controlled by Al-Sisi’s orders. Tomorrow is just a day away.

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