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Palestine This Week: The resurgence of Hamas

Israel has announced that it has launched a renewed military offensive on the Jabaliya camp in the north of Gaza, an area it had 'cleared' of resistance fighters. Are Hamas fighters gaining strength?

May 14, 2024 at 6:00 pm

Tune in to the latest episode of MEMO’s weekly review show with host Nasim Ahmed and guest Mouin Rabbani. In this edition we delve into CNN‘s shocking report on the abuse and torture of Palestinians in an Israeli military detention centre, the resurgence of Al-Qassam fighters in northern Gaza, and the growing disagreement between the US and Israel over the offensive in Rafah.

The show also examines the controversy surrounding the UN’s revised figures of civilian casualties, Egypt’s decision to join the genocide lawsuit against Israel, and the UN General Assembly’s vote to back thePalestinian bid for membership. Additionally, we analyse US President Joe Biden’s comments on Hamas being motivated by “ancient hatreds” and the implications of the State Department’s report on Israel’s actions in Gaza. Join us for an insightful and informative discussion on the critical issues from the past week.

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