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Egypt presidential candidate Sabbahi criticises raising prices of household gas

Egyptian leftist presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi lashed out at the latest court decision to raise household gas prices, dismissing it as unjust towards the poor.

On his Twitter account, Sabahi said that the solution lies in the abolition of subsidy to the rich.

He pointed out that the decision is "a continuation of placing burden of past corrupt policies and social injustice on the poor."

According to his spokesperson, Sabahi will announce a statement via Egyptian television within days. The statement will include his vision and the highlights of his presidential platform.

Al-Dustour party representatives have met with the Sabahi campaign and announced their support. According to Dustour Party spokesman Khalid Dawoud, the meeting with Sabahi's campaign "led to positive results regarding joint work and coordination between committees."

The spokesman of Al-Sisi for President Campaign said in press statements that Sabahi campaign received "strict instructions" to abide by "a code of electoral ethics" by not issuing any insulting statements against Al-Sisi.

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