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Security personnel to transfer from West Bank to Gaza

The Secretary General of the Palestinian Ministerial Council in the Gaza Strip, Abdul-Salam Syam, said on Sunday that administrative arrangements are being made for the return of 3,000 members of Ramallah-based security agencies to Gaza where they will work alongside local security officials. It is anticipated that the security situation in Gaza will remain relatively stable during the transitional period.

Syam said that the upcoming meetings between Hamas and Fatah, which will begin with the arrival of Fatah's Azzam Al-Ahmed in Gaza, will address the formation of a national consensus government. The two sides will discuss the names of ministers and assign the new government's responsibilities.

"The government and the [Hamas] movement in Gaza have made a strategic decision to move forward with the reconciliation and facilitate its implementation," noted Syam. He pointed out that the reconciliation seeks to implement previous agreements rather than initiate new deals.

One of those previous agreements, the Palestinian official said, is an article related to the security situation in Gaza. "It has many details, including the security dogma, the criminalisation of security coordination, and the administrative arrangements related to the return of 3,000 security personnel from Ramallah's security bodies."

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