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US refuses to sell drones to Algeria

May 11, 2014 at 11:49 am

The United States has refused to sell drones to Algeria due to legal restrictions on the export of similar weapons to other countries, its ambassador in Algiers has said.

Henry S. Ensher said the US and Algeria did not sign a bilateral agreement on border security while noting that drones are an element in border surveillance systems which require periodic aerial monitoring and coordination between various security elements. The ambassador suggested that America might sell non-offensive drones to Algeria and revealed that negotiations are underway between the two governments in this regard.

“Algeria is a huge country and controlling its borders is part of its cooperation with the United States,” said Ensher. “Drones are not sufficient to control the border, though; the area has to be periodically monitored.”

Ensher pointed out that the US seeks to develop security cooperation with Algeria and the trend is towards cooperation in the field of defence. He added that his country would continue its consultations with the Algerian government on exporting military equipment but the path is “very complicated” due to several laws which govern the export of such technology.