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Kerry to Zebari: Success of US assistance linked to Iraqi unity

US Secretary of State John Kerry said in a phone conversation with his Iraqi counterpart Hoshayr Zebari Saturday that his country is "committed to supporting Iraq" against ISIL advances.

Kerry stressed, however, that "assistance from the United States would only be successful if Iraqi leaders were willing to put aside differences and implement a coordinated and effective approach to forge the national unity necessary to move the country forward and confront the threat of ISIL."

Furthermore, Kerry urged the Iraqi government to ratify the results of parliamentary elections "without delay", and to adhere to the timetable specified by the constitution to form the new government. Kerry stressed on the need to respect the rights of all citizens irrespective of their religious sect.

Moreover, Kerry assured Zebari that his country is reaching out to the international community and Iraq's neighbors to emphasise the threat posed by ISIL, and the importance of helping Iraq a this critical phase.


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