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Israel's Ron Prosor to speak with Muslim-basher Brigitte Gabriel at UN-hosted event

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor will speak today at an event on “Global Anti-Semitism” taking place at the UN in New York. The panel, to be held in the Economic and Social Council Chamber, is being hosted by the Permanent Mission of Palau, one of a handful of Pacific islands which compete to be “Israel’s best friend at the UN“.

Joining Prosor is “keynote speaker” Brigitte Gabriel. Founder of ‘ACT! for America‘, Gabriel has described the “cancer” of “Islamofascism” as an ideology “coming out of one source: The Koran”. She believes that “every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim“, and has described the difference between “Israel and the Arab world” as “the difference between civilization and barbarism“.

Alongside Prosor and Gabriel will be Mark Langfan, chair of Americans for a Safe Israel, an organisation which opposes Palestinian statehood and believes in Israel’s ‘right’ to all the land occupied since 1967. Langfan has been previously hosted by the Jewish Defence League of Canada.

The UN-hosted discussion will also include a contribution by hard-right analyst Anne Bayefsky – who has accused the UN of “depravity and deceit in combating terrorism” and penned an op-ed earlier this year on “the continuing United Nations war against the Jews.”

The event is a microcosm of the desperation of Israel and its advocates, from its transparent and cynical talk of anti-Semitism to the line-up of speakers. That Israel’s Foreign Ministry would be happy to offer its backing is telling – and relying for support on the likes of Palau and Gabriel symbolises Apartheid Israel’s growing isolation.

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