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Israel accuses Iran of ordering missiles to be fired from Syria

An Israeli military source yesterday accused the Iranian Revolutionary Guard of being responsible for the orders to launch four rocket missiles from Syrian territories onto northern Israel.

The senior commander in the Israeli army said in a statement: “Saeed Izadi, the head of the Palestinian Division of the Iranian Al-Quds Force planned the rocket fire from the Syrian territories towards Upper Galilee and Golan Heights.”

He also added that “Izadi is the man in charge of smuggling weapons to Lebanon and Syria. He also instructed the Islamic Jihad fighters to execute the rocket fire operation.”

“The rocket fire is part of the Iranian policy aiming to escalate the security situation on the border and to turn the Israeli-Syrian borders into a battlefield,” added the military source.

Israel Radio also reported earlier yesterday that “the IDF retaliated by firing artillery shells and launched airstrikes on a larger scale than usual. They targeted and hit six Syrian Army targets, including Syrian artillery batteries, communications antennas and other facilities in the Syrian territories that are used to store weapons.”

Suhaib Al-Raheel, an activist in the area, told the Anadolu Agency yesterday that the heavy artillery fired by the Israeli army targeted military sites belonging to the Syrian regime in Madinat Al-Baath located in the Quneitra municipality in southern Syria.

Al-Raheel added that the Syrian regime forces evacuated a number of military posts in anticipation of continued Israeli firing.

He also noted that the Syrian regime forces were the source of the rockets that were previously fired at Israel from the Golan Heights; the regime’s forces were shelling the areas under Syrian rebel control. The missiles had mistakenly hit the occupied Golan Heights.

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