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Iraq: Popular Crowd militias burn mosques and kill dozens in Baiji

An Iraqi tribal leader has accused Shia Popular Crowd militias of burning mosques and killing dozens of people in Baiji in the Salahuddin province in Iraq.

Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Al-Shammari said: "Eight mosques were burned and destroyed in the city of Baiji by the Popular Crowd in the past days," adding that dozens of people were arrested and taken to an unknown destination.

Al-Shammari explained that the city of Baiji is currently witnessing "genocide" after the Popular Crowd militias destroyed the mosques and then burned them.

On 12 October, Iraqi forces, with the support of the Popular Crowd, launched large-scale military operations that aimed at restoring the city of Baiji after it was seized by Daesh.

Baiji is located 210 kilometres north of Baghdad and has the largest oil refinery in Iraq.

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