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Court picture of ousted Egyptian parliamentary speaker sparks outrage

A photograph of ousted Egyptian parliamentary speaker and head of Egypt’s Freedom and Justice party Sa’d Al-Katatni taken during a court hearing yesterday and showing him looking pale and emaciated has aroused widespread anger, Almesryoon.com reported.

The picture, which shows a previously rotund Al-Katani looking worn and thin, is suggestive of the inhumane conditions and poor treatment inside Egyptian jails, say opposition groups.

The 6 April Movement published the photograph on their website alongside a previous image of Al-Katani; while the Liberal Communists posted the picture of Al-Katatni with the comment: “Slow death in the jails of the military regime.”

Mohamed Abu Arab, a member of the 25 January Movement, condemned the conditions that led to Al-Katatni’s emaciation and poor health. “Whatever your position towards the Muslim Brotherhood, you must not remain silent over this picture,” he said.

Meanwhile, former MP Ziyad Al-Aleemi announced his solidarity with Al-Katatni, saying: “Regardless of our positions towards Muslim Brotherhood, we do not accept this.”

He added: “We should return issues to their origins. Slowly killing people through maltreatment is not an acceptable punishment, but a crime for which the perpetrator must be prosecuted.”

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