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First Jewish-only road in Israel

The Israeli Misgav Regional Council has proposed a new Jewish-only road connecting two Israeli Jewish settlements built in the 1980s in the Galilee Heights to the south of the Arab neighbourhood of Maj Al-Koroom, Quds Press reported yesterday.

The Arab Centre for Alternative Planning (ACAP) warned the Israeli authorities against approving this road, describing it the “first segregationally-based road in Israel.”

ACAP’s Director Hanna Sweed said that Misgav has been insisting on not connecting this road to the northern side – which would link it with a number of Arab villages – for the last 30 years.

Speaking to Quds Press, Sweed said that the new proposal offered to the Israeli authorities specifies the fact that the road is to be used only by Jews.

“The new proposal includes banning the Palestinians from using the road, which briefs distances between Arab villages and Acre,” Sweed said.

Sweed added that this is proposal has “dirty” intentions to construct Jewish-only roads in Israel similar to those that already exist in the occupied West Bank.

“This project reveals [Israel’s] apartheid policies which give Jews preference over Israeli Arab residents,” Sweed said, stressing that they would strive to undermine the proposal.

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