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PA cracks down on Fatah rally against Israeli settlement

The Palestinian Authority security services cracked down on a march organised by Fatah against the Israeli settlement of Beit El on Wednesday, Safa news agency has reported. The illegal settlement is built in the centre of the occupied West Bank.

Dozens of PA security officers blocked the streets leading to Nablus and the northern entrance of Al-Birah, preventing demonstrators from approaching the settlement. At the same time, undercover officers stopped journalists and activists from taking photos or video footage of the rally.

Last Friday, the PA security services, including members of the presidential guard, also prevented a march organised by the National and Islamic Movements’ Union from reaching the same illegal Israeli settlement. A number of protesters were arrested.

According to Safa, credible Fatah sources expressed anger against some leaders of the PA and the secular movement’s executive committee, accusing them of coordinating with the Israeli occupation in the suppression of Al-Quds Intifada. Those at the grassroots level within Fatah are calling for their regional leaders to resign if they continue to support the PA and its security services in this matter.

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