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Algerian rights group warns of refugee influx if military action begins in Libya

The Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights warned on Tuesday of the repercussions of Western military intervention in Libya on neighbouring Algeria, which will witness a large influx of refugees fleeing the war.

The human rights group said in a statement, “We expect the West to intervene militarily in Libya in March or April because the scheme is highly supported by European countries including Italy and France, with the unfortunate blessing of some Arab countries under the pretext of the fight against the Islamic State [Daesh] and the flow of illegal immigrants into Europe.”

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“Therefore, we warn of the repercussions of this intervention on Algeria, which will witness the arrival of a large number of Libyans in the coming months, in light of the economic crisis experienced by Libya due to the collapse of oil prices,” the group said.

The statement added:“Western countries have not learned a lesson at all from the results of previous foreign interventions in Syria and Iraq.”

According to the organisation, there are currently 30,000 Libyan refugees in Algeria who fled their country after the 2011 revolution.

Algerian officials have announced on several occasions their opposition to any foreign military intervention in Libya, demanding support for the formation of a Libyan national unity government to confront the issue of terrorism and to build the country’s institutions.

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