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Extremist Jewish settlers attack Christians in Jerusalem

Palestinian Christians pray at Ar Raqqah Al-Qusayr church in Ramallah
Palestinian Christians at Ar Raqqah Al-Qusayr church in Ramallah

A group of extremist Jewish settlers attacked a gathering of Palestinian Christians in the occupied city of Jerusalem, Israeli radio reported on Friday.

The Israeli settlers, led by the extremist Jewish activist Penzi Gopstein, attacked the gathering which was organised inside a hall on Thursday night whilst chanting anti-Christian slogans and insults.

A lawyer representing the Bishops’ Council in Jerusalem, Wadei Abu Nassar, condemned the attack and denounced it as a “provocation.”

He called for the Israeli occupation authorities to bring criminal charges against Gopstein and his followers over their continuous “violence” and “incitement.”

On Thursday, the Israeli news website Ynet News published a story about Gopstein and his group and how they spread hatred against Palestinians in Jerusalem.

According to Days of Palestine, a Palestinian news monitoring site, a group of Israeli Jewish settlers from the anti-assimilation Lehava organisation headed by Gopstein march every Thursday in Zion Square in Jerusalem and verbally and physically assault Palestinians.

Ynet News reported the head of the Israeli Reform Centre for Religion and State, Rabbi Noa Sattath, as blaming Gopstein for incitement and assaults against Palestinians.

“When Gopstein did not come to Zion Square, when he was under house arrest and when he was recovering from an operation, we saw a decline in violence,” she told Ynet News.

The rabbi accused Gopstein of blackmailing Jewish teens: “He works with teenagers that just wander the city aimlessly, giving them a feeling of belonging, and then using them to promote his own racist ideology.”

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  • Seoigh

    Disgusting behavior…. Typically it will be let go and nothing will be done….

  • Seoigh

    Disgusting behavior…. Typically it will be let go and nothing will be done….

  • Bishadi

    Are all Israelis ‘settlers’ just nut-less-yahoos?

  • Scott Griswold

    As long Protestant evangelicals aren’t attacked settlers can do as they please

  • Steve

    Settlers run wild like the outlaw of the wild west in America.

  • Will Thomas

    I recall one Israeli ambassador to US (appearing on “60 Minutes”) who blamed the “Arabs” (Palestinians) for driving out Christians from the Holy Land. Clearly, as one who has been to the Occupied West Bank four times in the past six years, this is clearly not the case. It is these extremist settler-colonists” and the Wall and the dehumanizing checkpoints and the theft of water and the demolition of houses and the destruction of olive trees, among other things, that are pressuring Palestinians to leave. As an American who pays my fair fair share of taxes, I resent most deeply that some of it goes to support this ugly and brutal military occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza.

  • Vinegar Hill

    I remember that some time ago the Brown Shirts took to the streets and broke up peaceful democratic meetings of various organisations.
    I remember that some time ago the Brown shirts violently attacked anyone who questioned their views.
    I remember that some time ago the Brown shirts attacked those whom they saw as an impediment to their goals.

    The result was that the Brown shirts and their bosses got to power and slaughterd humans……..

    Some things never change……