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Morocco, Spain raise security alert level to maximum

Spanish army personnel carrier [Scott Wagers/wikipedia]
Spanish army personnel carrier [Scott Wagers/wikipedia]

Spain and Morocco have raised the security alert along their joint border to the maximum level after receiving threats that terrorists may attack the areas, Youm7 reported yesterday.

Reporting the Moroccan newspaper Al-Massa, Youm7 said that “credible” sources said that the two countries had raised the security alert to maximum level fearing Daesh infiltration.

The sources said that the two countries tightened security and alertness of terror suspects, in particular holders of foreign citizenships, in addition to thorough inspections of people entering and leaving the cities of Ceuta and Melilla which are under Spanish control.

According to the Moroccan newspaper, the threats, which were reported to Morocco and Spain by foreign intelligence, included attacking strategic targets inside both cities in the run up to Christmas.

Residents of both Moroccan cities of Al-Nazour and Tetouan, who are legally permitted to enter into Ceuta and Melilla, reported many difficulties on the border.

The sources said that this is not the first time the security alert level has been raised, noting that foreign intelligence had reported “clear threats” by Daesh.

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