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Statement from Muslim Brotherhood official concerning Cairo church bombings

People gather at the site after an explosion at Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt on December 11 2016 [Ahmed Gamil /Anadolu Agency]
People gather at the site after an explosion at Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo, Egypt on December 11 2016 [Ahmed Gamil /Anadolu Agency]

Former Minister of Planning and International Cooperation in Egypt, Dr. Amr Darrag released this statement.

Over the past few days, I have followed a number of media outlets that are related to the ruling military regime in Egypt and its security services, while they were trying to link me – as well as a number of other national figures that reject the military rule in Egypt – with the outrageous terrorist attack that left a number of innocent victims of our Christian brothers in St. Peter's Church.

These media outlets have used a range of silly and illogical concoctions – which they said were "reached" in no more than 24 hours – such as claiming that I incited and financed those involved in the attack and met them in countries that I really left a long time ago. They also worked to show me and a number of colleagues in the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) and others, who reject the military regime, as supporters of terrorism, in continuation of their pursuit to distort everyone who announces his/ her rejection of this brutal and despotic coup regime.

An evidence of their ignorance and lying is that I – as well as a group of colleagues – resigned from the Egyptian Revolutionary Council more than a year ago, which is documented by many media outlets. So, how can a body (ERC) be altogether accused in such a short time without at least knowing who its members are?

I'm not here to defend myself or to deny such silly concoctions, but to warn anyone who tries to distort my image by hurling unsubstantiated accusations that are completely groundless, that I will face them with all legal means, especially that everyone in Egypt knows the nature of the outstanding and deep relationship that I have had with my Copt brothers and sisters, and my outright condemnation of this cowardly operation via various media outlets from the first moment I knew about the incident, as well as my rejection of all forms of terrorism regardless of its source.

I would like to confirm that all these practices are not new to the regime and its media and security arms, and that they will not succeed in distorting my picture or preventing me from undertaking my role – as well as my colleagues in all entities – in the face of this regime, and in confronting all the violations that are committed to destroy the present of this country and its future.

I would also like to stress that I will prosecute all those involved in directing these false accusations (to me), through all Egyptian and international legal and judicial means, to preserve my rights in the first place, and to deter them from continuing such practices.

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