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Photos: Looking back at Palestine in 2016

Looking back at the main events that took place in Palestine in 2016

January 1, 2017 at 6:55 pm

The Vatican officially recognises the State of Palestine


Heavy rainfall floods Gaza


Hamas-Fatah unity talks begin in Qatar to identify the main issues of mutual Palestinian reconciliation


The EU slams Israeli land seizures and home demolitions in the occupied West Bank, saying they threaten the viability of a future Palestinian state

Palestinian teachers in the occupied West Bank go on strike, call on the Palestinian Authority to raise their salaries


Israel prevents Kenyan president from entering the West Bank and meeting with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked Britain to remove posters from London’s tube network that describe Israel as an apartheid state


Palestinian fugitive Omar Al-Naif is assassinated in the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria. Al-Naif had sought refuge in the embassy two months prior to his murder, after Israel requested he be extradited.


Israel approves controversial ‘suspension bill’ which targets Arab members of the Knesset. It then becomes ‘expulsion bill’


France plans a Palestinian-Israeli peace conference to be held on 21 December in Paris. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects the French invitation to participate in the conference, and France later postpones the conference until next year.

Israel arrests 3 footballers within 48 hours in March, and the Palestinian sports ministry calls on FIFA to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop its violations against Palestinian sportsmen and athletes.


In response to an Israeli ban on the entry of Palestinian dairy products into Israel, the Palestinian Authority bans the entry of food products produced by five Israeli food companies into the Palestinian territories


The Israeli Knesset approves a bill to deport the families of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and accused of carrying out attacks against Israelis


Israel launches the 6th International Marathon in Jerusalem. The marathon arrangements prevent Muslims from accessing Al-Aqsa Mosque to perform Friday prayers.


The UN Human Rights Council passes a resolution, initiated by the Palestinians, obligating the organisation to draw up a “black list” of all Israeli and international firms operating directly or indirectly in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian Territories


Israel approves a bill that seeks to allow the trial of Palestinian minors under the age of 14


Thousands participate in the ‘right to movement’ Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem. Israel denies entry of the 103 runners from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank.


Qatar signs a $20 million package of new projects in the Gaza Strip


Palestinian girl Dima al-Wawi, 12, is released after spending 75 days in an Israeli jail


Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qeeq is released from Israeli administrative detention after a 94-day hunger strike. Al-qeeq was arrested by Israel on charges of “incitement.”


Gaza police reveal largest drugs deal in the southern city of Rafah


The Palestinian flag is banned from the 2016 Eurovision song contest


Israel is allowed to open a permanent mission at NATO HQ after Turkey lifts its veto on Israeli activity within the block


Palestinian teen Ahmed Manasra, 14, is convicted of “attempted murder” and sentenced to 12 years in Israeli jail


An Israeli court hands down a sentence of life and 20 years in jail to the man found guilty of killing Palestinian teenager Mohamed Abu Khdeir


The leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Sheikh Raed Salah, begins a nine-month jail term after being convicted by an Israeli court for “incitement”


Israel is elected to head a permanent UN committee for the first time since joining the international body in 1949


Fatah, Hamas trade blame for failure of Doha unity talks


Arab member of the Israeli Knesset Jamal Zahalka visits Fatah leader Marwan Bargouthi in jail, in a first such visit by an Israeli official


Clashes break out at Al-Aqsa mosque as Israeli forces open two gates to tourists and settlers during the last ten days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, forcing Israelis to stop settler visits until after Eid.


Israel approves law restricting Israeli human rights groups which advocate for the rights of Palestinians


Palestinians postpone cup final, saying Israel denied Gaza footballers entry


Israel accuses US-based Christian charity World vision’s manager in Gaza of channelling the charity’s money to Hamas, a Save the Children employee of Hamas membership, and a UN aid worker of aiding Hamas


Palestinian court suspends local elections scheduled for 8 October, after disputes between the rival Fatah and Hamas movements over candidate lists


US, Israel sign $38 billion military aid package


UNESCO passes a resolution which denies any Jewish connection to Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Buraq (Western) Wall in occupied Jerusalem, and Israel recalls its UNESCO ambassador in protest


Israel approves bill banning Muslim call to prayer


Fatah re-elects Abbas for new term as leader


The Israeli Ministry of Transportation orders Dan bus company to stop broadcasting announcements in Arabic in the city of Beersheba


Israeli Knesset committee votes to strip Arab MK Basel Ghattas of parliamentary immunity over allegations that he smuggled phones to Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails


Only 46% of pledges to rebuild Gaza received


UN Security Council passes resolution to end Israeli settlements, US abstains