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Israel to demolish Jerusalem mosque

The Dome of the Rock and other mosques are seen from the Arab neighborhood of Silwan, in Jerusalem [file photo]

Israeli forces in occupied Jerusalem today ordered the demolition of the Abdullah Al-Sanawi Mosque in Silwan, under the pretext that it was built without the impossible to obtain building permit.

Image of the demolition order []

Image of the demolition order of the Abdullah Al-Sanawi Mosque in Silwan  []

A member of the Committee for the Defence of Silwan, Fakhri Abu Diab, said in a statement that the mosque was built several years ago on Waqf land using donations from the people to serve 4,000 residents of the Deir Al-Sunna neighbourhood which isn’t served by a mosque as authorities failed to issue building permits for one.

He pointed out that the Abdullah Al-Sanawi Mosque is one of six mosques threatened with demolition in the town.

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  • audentiorwatcher

    Which Jews would those be – the ones who converted?

    • Pepper Wingate

      Which Muslims are not converts? The tenor of your comments is racist!

  • audentiorwatcher

    Tell us about your grand parents and their grandparents

    • Pepper Wingate

      What kind of a racist remark is that? No! I am not Jewish.

      • audentiorwatcher

        Exactly how is asking where your relatives are interred racist? It seems you’re projecting

        • Pepper Wingate


          • audentiorwatcher

            Your reply clearly demonstrates your level of intellect and the complete absence of veracity in your claim

          • Pepper Wingate

            You already did, Hence the comment.

  • Pepper Wingate

    Jews never left. If you are asking for historic proof of the continuous presence of Jews in Israel, you might look at the historical and archaeological record. Jews fought on the walls of Jerusalem against the Crusaders. They have been in Israel and Jerusalem consistently. The Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem was occupied consistently for centuries until the Jordanian Army removed the Jews. Their grandparents graves were removed and their homes razed and synagogues demolished to deny Jewish presence in Jerusalem.

  • Pepper Wingate

    Now we know that you judge Jews on a different standard from anyone else. What happens to Jews doesn’t count in your mind. Evidence of psychopathology, believe me!

  • audentiorwatcher

    You couldn’t make this stuff up – did you read it in a fairy story book somewhere?
    It’s revealing that you refuse to tell us where your grand parents are buried

  • Gareth Woods

    The Palestinians know that the two state solution is all pie in the sky. The Zionists have no intention of giving up any part of the Greater Israel project to the Palestinians, so the West Bank squatter settlements will stay and expand as more and more Palestinians are displaced. The ‘War of Independence’ was fought by a militarised community against a non-militarised Palestinian community. It was simply ethnic cleansing given a heroic name. Israeli history is made up of spin and double speak with the victim narrative coming through loud and clear for the World to hear. When that doesn’t quite work the Holocaust is trotted out to win over sympathy. That seems especially hypocritical when I read in Haaretz that over 100, 000 Holocaust survivors live in near poverty in Israel.

    • Mike Abramov

      Gareth – I agree with you. A two-state solution is ‘pie in the sky’ now. It wasn’t in 1992. However, the rest of your rebuttal is littered with mistakes.

      The War of Independence was fought against, Syria, Egypt ,Iraq and Lebanon, not Palestine. The identity of Palestinian did not appear until after the Six-Day War of 1967 when Yasar Arafat, an Egyptian, cleverly suggested to the people of the old Palestine to become nationalists and adopt a false nationality called Palestinian.

      There has never been an ‘ethnic cleansing’ as such. There were simply refugees which is a symptom of war. The expression ethnic cleansing did not appear in every day parlance until the mid 1990s when the Balkan wars resulted in Serbia enacting revenge on Croats and Bosnians. You need to read Croatia’s role in WW2 to understand the background to this.

      In the last 40 years. the anti-Israel protagonists have re-written history to suit their left-wing agenda. Many anti-Israel supporters like the PSC, have read and not questioned any of the diatribe that was written by Prof. Ilan Pappe, Dr. Norman Finlkestein and others too numerous to mention because it suited their aims which was to re-write history.

      Haaretz is a left-wing daily paper similar to the Daily Mirror but, with a bit more class. It is terrible that anybody should live in poverty, but I am doubtful that Haaretz has got this figure correct because all Holocaust survivors, such as my late father, receive a monthly pension from Germany as compensation.

      As for the ‘cry Holocaust’ allegation. The Jews that survived had lost everything. Their families, their homes, their possessions and their money. In 1945, they got up, brushed themselves down and started all over again. In England, France America and Israel. They moved on.

      What did the Palestinian refugees do? Fled to Lebanon and Jordan and took on refugee status and did….nothing for the next 70 years.