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Official: Fatah refused to take control of Gaza from Hamas

April 25, 2017 at 2:29 pm

Image of Salah Bardawil (R) a senior Hamas member, delivering a press conference on 25 April 2017 [Mohammed Asad/Midde East Monitor]

Hamas was willing to hand over the crossings and government of the Gaza Strip however Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas refuse, a senior Hamas member said today.

Speaking to writers and analysts, Salah Bardawil said: “Our people have many strong cards in the international arena, but President Mahmoud Abbas is ignoring them.”

“Abbas is going to Washington without having conferred with anyone,” he added, noting that there is no other Palestinian institution that represents the Palestinian people other than the president.

What is yet to come is harder, and the things that will be offered to Abbas will be difficult on the cause

he said, stressing that the measures Abbas has taken against Gaza are a result of political pressure.

US President Trump does not have a clear or complete vision to resolve the Palestinian cause, and the US wants to liquidate the issue. There will be serious pressure put on the Palestinian president and people to agree to the American vision for the solution.

“We as a people, have strong playing cards and we will not surrender to such an impasse. We will support all those who support the intifada in the West Bank and if the enemy thinks of attacking us, we will teach them a hard lesson.”

He called on Fatah to work hand in hand, along with all the factions, to combat the conspiracy against the Palestinians, adding that Hamas will be knocking on Egypt’s door, as well as the Arab League countries’ to ensure they fulfil their obligations.