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Palestinians released from Israel detention are thin, weak and show signs of torture

April 23, 2024 at 12:50 pm

Pictures shared on social media show emaciated Palestinian prisoners after they were released from the occupation’s jails.

The Palestinian academics and politicians who were released from detention appear to be shadows of their former selves, having lost lots of weight, with their bodies looking extremely thin and facial features completely changed as a result of the horrifying violations committed against them at the hands of the occupation.

Their appearance had changed to such a degree that their family members struggled to recognise them. In particular, the prisoners’ children could not identify their fathers.

Chairman of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, Ramy Abdu, described the condition in which the prisoners appeared after their torture and mistreatment as “unimaginable.”

He said in a post on his X account, “Starvation, abuse, torture, and killing in Israeli prisons have exceeded imagination. With 10,000 Palestinian hostages in Israeli captivity, the hypocritical Western world remains silent, focusing only on around 100 Israeli hostages, the vast majority of whom are criminal killers in the Israeli army.”

The occupation authorities, led by extremist Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, imposed brutal measures to torture and abuse Palestinian prisoners. These have been tightened since October 2023.

The measures included depriving the prisoners of all of their daily needs, taking away their bedding and covers, and leaving them to sleep on concrete floors or metal beds. They have also changed the food provided, leaving it insufficient for the prisoners’ needs, causing detainees to suffer from malnutrition and severe weight loss.

There was also an increase in raids on prisoners’ cells and assaults and beatings, leading to the death of many detainees. Some 16 Palestinian prisoners from the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem were killed as a result of torture and severe abuse in Israel’s jails since October 2023.

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