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Moroccan Amazigh activist calls for direct dialogue with government

Image of Moroccan Amazigh activists demonstrating for language recognition [Magharebia/Flickr]
Moroccan Amazigh activists demonstrating for language recognition [Magharebia/Flickr]

A Moroccan Amazigh activist has called on the Moroccan government to engage in real and direct dialogue with his community's representatives instead of parties that do not represent them.

Amjad Dagherni told Quds Press that the government continues to accuse the rural movement of being backed by foreign parties which threatens the country's unity and sovereignty. He insisted that this will not deter the Amazigh from persisting with their demands.

Dagherni pointed out that claims that social mobility is limited to the province of Al-Hoceima are inaccurate. "Such mobility exists in all areas of the old countryside," he stressed. Accusing rural mobility of somehow being instigated on behalf of foreign agendas, he added, indicates a lack of will to engage in dialogue. Furthermore, limiting the demands of the countryside to raising their old flag and accusing the people of secession is incorrect.

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The activist's remarks came after the majority government parties said that Morocco will not allow social demands in Al-Hoceima province to violate the country's national principles, sanctities and territorial unity. The parties said that the social protests must be within the framework of the law, without harming public and private interests, and warned against foreign contacts and the support they provide.

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