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Saudi king gives Pakistan’s prime minister an ultimatum over Qatar

Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif [file photo]
Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif [file photo]

King Salman of Saudi Arabia has given Pakistan’s prime minister an ultimatum over Qatar. In an attempt to force Nawaz Sharif to take sides, the monarch jibed, “Are you with us or with Qatar?” the Express Tribune has reported.

The king posed the question during a meeting between the two leaders in Jeddah on Monday as part of the effort to find a diplomatic solution to the Qatar crisis. “Pakistan has told Saudi Arabia it will not take sides in the brewing diplomatic crisis in the Middle East after Riyadh asked Islamabad ‘are you with us or with Qatar’,” the newspaper pointed out.

Pakistan has been treading a careful path since Saudi and other Gulf countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar. However, the Saudi government wants Pakistan to side with the kingdom.

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Citing a senior government official, who was briefed on the talks at the monarch’s palace in Jeddah, the Express Tribune said that Pakistan would not take sides in any event that would create divisions within the Muslim world. “Nevertheless, in order to placate Saudi Arabia, Pakistan offered to use its influence over Qatar to defuse the situation. For this purpose, the prime minister will undertake visits to Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey,” the newspaper added.


Sharif travelled to Jeddah accompanied by army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and other senior officials to discuss the emerging situation in the Gulf. It is thought that Prime Minister Sharif’s mediation visit to Saudi did not achieve any immediate breakthrough.

According to an official statement, Sharif met King Salman in Jeddah and urged an early resolution of the impasse in Gulf in the best interest of all Muslims.

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  • m.Karim

    Saudi regime being the guardian of muslim world should behave like grandmother that keeps family unity.

    • Chris Evans

      You mean the butcher… Been to Yemen lately?

  • gogrrrl

    Does he think he’s George Bush? He seems to be even stupider (if that is possible)

  • Athar Basit

    Saudis seem to have lost their mind some where in between UAE and Egypt, or may be the notion of increasing territorial boundaries is just too much to resist which they seem to be contemplating from the Egypt side and as well as a little bit from the Qatar side as well, the pride/ arrogance is just too much i believe to resist.

  • MisterSamsung Galaxy

    Wasn’t Pakistan going to send 20,000 troops to Qatar ? What happened there ?

    • Suhail Farooqui

      Send the 20 K troops to Saudia?? In your dreams.

      • MisterSamsung Galaxy

        can you read properly ?