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Gazans knead Afghan bread this Ramadan

Bakers make tamees but with an Arabic twist

Bakers in Gaza have taught themselves to make tamees, a type of bread which originates in Afghanistan, and introduced it to the market during Ramadan.

The severe restrictions imposed by the decade-long siege on the enclave meant bakers could not be taught the skills required from their Afghan counterparts.

Baker Ali Mousa told MEMO that this type of bread was not easy to make because “we are unable to bring in experienced bakers. Any mistake in the ingredients ruins the bread, and we had to try numerous times before achieving a good product.”

Salameh Yazgi, owner of the Yazgi bakeries, told MEMO that traditional Arabic bread is always on sale, but “as Gazans, we wanted to add our own additions which have become popular. Some Gazans considered the bread to be a meal on its own.”

Some additions include olive oil and zaatar (thyme), potatoes, and cheese and mushrooms. These fillings are sandwiched between two pieces of bread, making for a delicious product!

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