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Algeria to take all ‘legal measures’ against illegal immigration

Image of migrants left stranded along the Algerian-Moroccan border [Wise‏/Twitter]
The Algerian-Moroccan border [Wise‏/Twitter]

Algeria is determined to take all legal measures in accordance with international charters to “preserve the security and stability of its borders”, the country’s Interior Minister, Noureddine Bedoui, has said.

Speaking at a meeting with members of the municipal council, Bedoui addressed the increasing worries regarding the rise in illegal immigration. He reiterated how the National Commission in charge of the case “had taken strict measures to eradicate criminal networks that engage in the trafficking and exploitation of women and children in our territory for criminal purposes.” He further added how some of these criminals were arrested last year.

“We will continue in this direction with more firmness,” he promised.

“All the strict measures will be taken to overcome this phenomenon and to preserve our security and stability,” he said, adding that “this will be done in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its counterparts in Niger and Mali and several other African countries.”

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Algeria has been facing increased hysteria regarding the presence of sub-Saharan migrants settling in the country or transiting en route to Europe.  Media frenzies have been blasted for racist headlines accusing migrants of bringing diseases into the country and of attacking Algerians.

Many of the migrants have been forced to live in squalid camps around the capital where diseases have thrived in the poor conditions.

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