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Algeria 'will never give up' on African migrants

Image of migrant workers [European Commission DG ECHO/Flickr]
Image of migrant workers [European Commission DG ECHO/Flickr]

Algeria "will never give up helping African refugees" who have come to the country for a better life, the president of the Algerian Red Crescent (CRA) said this week.

"Algeria is committed to its humanitarian and solidarity values ​​inspired by the principles of Islam and its authenticity based on the principles of solidarity," Saida Benhabyles told the press after her visit to one of the areas frequented by African migrants in Algiers.

"We are continuing to provide support and assistance to all African refugees, including those in this gathering place, which number more than 1,600 people," she explained.

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Benhabyles blasted "the recent attacks on Algeria by some parties concerning the situation of African refugees", describing them as unfounded. She stressed that those who criticise, "ignore our culture, our human values ​​and values ​​inspired by Islam and our values ​​of authenticity based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid and fraternity".

She welcomed the government's decision to draw up a file on the refugees and to categorise aid for them, which highlights "the efforts made by Algeria to alleviate the suffering of the latter".

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