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20 British businessmen to visit Algeria

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The British ambassador to Algeria, Andrew Noble, revealed that a British delegation of 20 heads of hydrocarbon institutions will visit Algeria next Sunday.

During a meeting with Tizi Ouzou Province representatives, organized by the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Djurdjura, in the Triple Roses Hotel, the British diplomat said that “This visit, which is part of strengthening cooperation between Algeria and the United Kingdom, “will take place at his residence in the presence of Algerian investors.”

According to the ambassador, “this meeting aims to strengthen relations between the two countries’ investors.” He added that “we are ready to do what must be done to establish a link between Algeria and the United Kingdom.”

Noble also announced another important event, namely the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Operation Torch (1942) – the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied French North Africa during the Second World War – which will be held on 8 November.

According to the ambassador, the event would also be “an opportunity to commemorate the sacrifices of this country’s people, especially mothers who participated in this war, a sacrifice that has not been properly acknowledged.”

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During his visit to Tizi Ouzou, the British official met with the province’s governor, Mohamed Bouderbali, and they discussed investment opportunities in the province. In addition, the ambassador visited Ahmed Tasah University, where he discussed the matter of teaching English language with the university’s head.

During his discussions with the university’s head, Noble has expressed his interest in developing relations with the Algerian university.

In a statement to Algeria Press Service (APS), the British diplomat pointed out to investment opportunities in Tizi Ouzou Province, especially in the field of trade.

At the end of his visit, Noble visited the Traditional Products Centre in the city centre, where he claimed that he took advantage of his first visit to Tizi Ouzou Province to discover the local traditional artisanship.

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