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Kurds reveal five-point initiative for dialogue with Iraq

Peshmerga forces are seen at the Khabat District of Erbil, Iraq on 16 October 2016 [Hejar Reşit/Anadolu Agency]

The Kurdistan Regional Government has proposed a joint Kurdish-Iraqi deployment at a strategic border crossing with Turkey, with the participation of the US-led coalition to fight Daesh.

The offer came hours after the Iraqi armed forces accused the Kurdish government of delaying the handing over of control of the borders and using the talks to strengthen their defences. The Iraqi forces threatened to resume operations to retake areas controlled by the Kurdish forces.

The Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs said the offer is part of a five-point initiative submitted to the Iraqi government on Tuesday to defuse tensions between Erbil and Baghdad.

The offers include a ceasefire on all fronts, continuing the fight against Daesh and joint deployment in the disputed areas.

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The Kurdish statement said the joint deployment at the strategic Faysh Khabur crossing was "a goodwill gesture and a confidence-building move that guarantees a limited and temporary plan until an agreement is reached under the Iraqi constitution".

There have been increased tensions between Baghdad and Erbil since the KRG held an independence referendum on 25 September whose result was overwhelming support for separation from Baghdad. The Iraqi government has deemed the vote unconstitutional.

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