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Palestine envoy to Iraq denies changes to Palestinian rights

December 27, 2017 at 1:34 pm

Palestinian Ambassador to Iraq, Ahmed Aqel (C) participated in the anti-Trump protest in Baghdad along with clerics belonging to Shia and Sunni communities in Baghdad, Iraq, on 8 December 2017. [yaqaem_313/Twitter]

Palestinian Ambassador in Iraq, Ahmed Aqel, denied media reports claiming the Iraqi authorities are in the process of issuing new laws that will abolish the privileges enjoyed by Palestinian refugees in the country.

Speaking to Al-Resalah, Aqel said Iraqi authorities are in the process of amending some old laws “but it will not affect the Palestinians’ rights”.

Media outlets reported that Iraqi President Fuad Masum has agreed to a bill to repeal a series of decisions, including a 2001 decree giving Palestinian refugees many of the same rights as Iraqis.

Aqel confirmed that he has been informed by the Prime Minister’s office that the changes will not affect Palestinians in the country.

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Nearly 10,000 Palestinians now live in Iraq, after many were forced out of their homes a result of the US invasion in 2003.

The Palestinian ambassador described the Palestinian refugees’ situation in Iraq as difficult.