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Iraq to abolish rights given to Palestine refugees

Palestinian refugees are seen in Iraq [al whit/Twitter]

The Iraqi government is planning to repeal laws that give merits, including citizenship and free education to Palestinian refugees in the country, Quds Press reported yesterday.

Palestinian sources in Iraq warned that the Iraqi President Fuad Masum had issued a law regarding the residence of foreigners in Iraq on 2 October which will take effect at the beginning of 2018.

The law, which applies to Palestinian refugees, annuls a number of previous decisions issued by the Revolutionary Command Council during former president Saddam Hussein’s era.

One of the decisions gave several merits to the Palestinian refugees, including travel documents, identification papers, free education, healthcare insurance, financial stipends and free homes.

Palestinian refugees in Iraq said that cancelling free education, healthcare insurance and the complex travel procedures are the most problematic issues for them.

Iraq: Arab League’s statement on Jerusalem ‘disappointing’

Quds Press said that about 4,000 Palestinian refugees live in Iraq, noting the number declined from 30,000 before the American invasion in 2003.

Hundreds are currently living in refugee camps after they were prevented from entering Syria and Jordan.

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  • DEADP00L

    The evils of nationalism continues to defile the Middle East.

  • Mara Cohen

    I think those priveliges were given by Saddam Hussein when he was in power.
    used those people as a lever and weapon against his own. It was the
    Arab League, including the Nation of Iraq which declared war, invaded
    Israel in 1948, and whose government was best buddies with the Nazi
    Mufti, telling these same people to leave Israel and their homes, all
    the while kicking out and stealing from their own Jewish Citizens.
    Iraq owes this group of Arabs citizenship and allowing them to assimilate, as the Arabs they are into that Nation State.
    1941 the Farhud happened, the Government of Iraq expropriated 2700
    years of Jewish owned property and wealth. It isn’t like there are no
    resources to assimilate these people with….hell Saddam Hussein was
    using one of those properties as his Palace! Aside from the fact that a
    whole lot of the Arab Palestinians originally came from there in the
    first place, like if your name is “Zoabi”.

    • DEADP00L

      Historical revisionism is a disease. One that you suffer from in epic proportions.

      • Daniel Winner

        Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.