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Egypt: Jailed presidential hopeful Anan threatens to produce evidence against military

February 13, 2018 at 9:04 am

Former Egyptian Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sami Anan (C) delivers a speech in Cairo, Egypt on 13 March 2014 [Mohammed Bendari/Apaimages]

Egypt’s presidential hopeful Sami Anan may be killed while in military detention in an effort to silence him, one of his senior aides has warned.

Speaking to Huff Post Arabi, Hisham Geneina said that Anan has documents implicating current Egyptian leaders of crimes committed by the military regime since the January 25 revolution.

The former head of Egypt’s Central Auditing Authority, Geneina was dismissed from the post after he claimed the country had lost $1 billion to corruption in three years. He joined Anan’s election team until the latter was detained.

Geneina said that Anan told him there were “hidden facts” that would alter the public’s opinion concerning those in power in Egypt.

In its response to the allegation, the army accused Geneina of seeking to cast doubts on the state and its institutions at a time when the army is fighting a fierce war against terror in Sinai.

However Geneina threatened to publish the documents in question if Anan gets harmed in custody, adding that the documents are being kept safely outside Egypt.

Geneina himself was attacked and beaten up by unknown thugs last month. In his statements to Huff Post Arabi, he alleged that the attack was an assassination attempt by one of the state’s apparatuses.

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