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A military decision to seize the properties of Sami Anan and his family

February 13, 2018 at 3:58 am

The military prosecutor in Egypt has decided to seize the money and property of former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. Lieutenant General Sami Anan, who is currently detained, along with his wife and children will be prevented from conducting any kind of financial dealing.

The Central Bank of Egypt issued a decision to “reserve the assets and property of both the summoned Lieutenant General Sami Anan, his wife Munira Mustafa al-Qadi, his son Samir and his two daughters Marwa and Mai, and prevent them from disposing of them until another decision is issued.”

The bank’s decision also included “disclosure of accounts, deposits, secretariats, treasuries, and all related transactions with banks operating in Egypt and its branches abroad.”

Last week, Egypt’s military prosecution decided to renew the detention of Anan on charges of violating the military rules by including his name without a permit in the voters’ database, which is still under military summons, and in service under Decree Law 133 of 2011, during an investigation session held by the prosecution with Anan, on Saturday evening.

The military arrested Anan after a statement accusing him of forgery and violation of military laws and regulations, a few days after he announced his intention to run for the presidential elections, scheduled for next March, in a clear bias in favour of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who is running for a second term.

Anan, who has been detained since January 23, is facing charges of violating the service and promotion law for officers by announcing his intention to run for presidency and to engage in political activity. He is still an officer called for duty under the decree, which was passed in November 2011, attributing military status to all members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces at the time, until their death.

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The former president of the Central Auditing Organization, the Egyptian advisor Hisham Geneina, revealed that Anan has documents and evidence which condemn many of the current leaderships in Egypt regarding the serious events that took place after the revolution of 25 January 2011, and his warning to disclose them in the event of prejudice, after keeping them with people outside Egypt.

Geneina said that Anan told him that there are many facts hidden from public opinion, in terms of what happened both before and after January 25, which greatly changed the image of many people in power. He expressed his previous wish that el-Sisi would allow Anan, “to give his testimony to history with the utmost freedom and power so that the facts will become clear to public opinion.”

He pointed out that these facts revolve around the events of Mohamed Mahmoud Street and the details of what happened in the Maspero Massacre, and clearly reveal the reality of the third party that was involved in several political crimes in Egypt after the revolution of January 25, including the assassination of Sheikh Emad Effat, as well as hidden facts about the events of June 30, 2013.

At the end of January, the New Arab, quoting sources close to Anan, revealed that two of his former colleagues in the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces visited him while he was imprisoned in the “Haikstep” area to urge him to pronounce his apology, issue a statement of appeasement, and reveal detailed information about the departments he used to deal with in the various organs of the state, mainly public Intelligence.

According to the sources, during his interrogation session in the military prosecution, Anan was under intense pressure to issue an apology statement, but he “strongly refused” and maintained his position, insisting that he had committed any irregularities or crimes that may cause him to apologize. He also refused to disclose the contents of the files that he had previously warned to uncover and affect the popularity of the regime.

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The sources added that Anan confirmed that these files were held by non-military figures outside the country and would not have been used in case of allowing him to engage in a fair electoral battle. Anan informed military leaders that if they persist in dealing with him in a manner that does not respect his military history, he will reveal the details of many incidents which condemn parties in the ruling power, on top of whom is el-Sisi in person.

It is worth noting that Egyptian army operations forces had arrested Anan in his home and subjected his personal belongings, properties and movables, for a full day inspection.