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Gerard Depardieu: 'I will live in Algeria as did Eric Cantona'

February 21, 2018 at 1:49 am

Gérard Depardieu, French actor [Wikipedia]

French film star Gerard Depardieu said he will move to Algeria, just like former football player Eric Cantona.

Depardieu explained that Eric Cantona owns a residence in the city of Oran and he will follow his steps and reside in Algeria, without further specifying his future city of residence.

This came in the latest interview by filmmaker Gerard Depardieu to the French newspaper La Provence. It is known that Frenchman Eric Cantona, who is now 51 and who was Manchester United team’s legend, is married to an Algerian female national  and has clear and courageous positions of the regime in his country and also of French colonialism.

“Algeria is a wonderful country, I am interested in the history of Algeria. Its people are intelligent and not as described in France,” said Gerard Depardieu, 69. “In 1830, Algeria suffered a colonial invasion by an army of ignorant and illiterate Frenchmen,” he said in a bold statement against the colonialism of his country France.