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Netanyahu refuses dialogue with Qatar, praises UAE

March 1, 2018 at 10:28 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Sochi, Russia on 23 August 2017 [En.kremlin]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Qatar of supporting Hamas, rejecting calls for dialogue with Doha, while stressing the need for dialogue with other Gulf states.This came during a meeting held with leaders of Jewish organisations in the United States yesterday which dealt with the nature of relations between Tel Aviv and the Gulf states.Netanyahu said: “It is necessary to establish a dialogue with the constructive forces in the Gulf region.”

He added: “I certainly do not talk about Qatar.”

The official said Gulf powers were looking for a better future for their people and that “they do not support terrorist groups like Hamas”.Netanyahu stressed that the UAE is a constructive power in the region and that Qatar is not.

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