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Morsi’s health ‘has deteriorated severely’

March 31, 2018 at 12:33 pm

Egypt’s ousted President Mohamed Morsi at a court session behind a cage in Cairo, Egypt on 6 August 2017 [Mostafa El-Shemy / Anadolu Agency]

The son of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has revealed that his father’s health has deteriorated severely, Anadolu reported on Thursday. “Many reports have emerged recently speaking about the severe deterioration of my father’s health,” said Ahmed Morsi. “The situation is unprecedented.”

Dr Mohamed Morsi, 66, has been in prison in Egypt since the military coup which ousted his democratically-elected government in 2013. His condition, claimed his son, is being “ignored” by the prison authorities.

Ahmed Morsi called upon the Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims to stand beside his father during this struggle for justice. He blamed President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the man behind the coup, for his father’s awful condition. “He does not even receive proper medical treatment,” he pointed out.

Egypt’s Morsi faces slow death from torture

On Wednesday, an independent British parliamentary committee announced that Morsi is locked up in Tora Prison under conditions which do not meet “Egyptian or international” standards. The committee warned that such conditions could accelerate Morsi’s death, as he is suffering from diabetes as well as liver and kidney problems.

At the beginning of March, the Committee for External Relations in the Egyptian parliament rejected a request by the British committee to visit the imprisoned former President.

Al-Sisi has been welcomed by Western governments, as well as Moscow. His regime has prosecuted Morsi on trumped-up charges, including spying with Qatar and Hamas, killing protesters and causing damage to public properties.