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Jordan: Strikes continue despite PM sacking

June 5, 2018 at 10:21 am

Thousands of Jordans took to the streets on 30 May 2018 to protest against a new income tax law [Nelsherif/Twitter]

Chief Chairman of the council of doctors Dr. Ali El-Abbous confirmed the continuation of the trade unions’ strike today until the income tax law is withdrawn even if government officials are is changed.

In a telephone interview with Al-Hayat FM channel, El-Abbous added that “Wednesday’s strike will be carried on even if the government is removed. We want to change the economic approach and not merely the people.”

El-Abbous explained that the people’s demands are clear, namely the withdrawal of the income tax law and the amendment of the civil service system. He wondered about the relevance of changing figure heads while the demands of the protesters are still not being met.

“Even if the government is changed, we are going to continue the strike on Wednesday until the law is withdrawn,” El-Abbouss said. He demanded that today be a day of total strike in all parts of the Kingdom.

El-Abbous called on participants to express themselves in a peaceful and civilised manner.

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