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Down with the government: Jordan protests new tax law

May 31, 2018 at 9:33 am

Thousands of Jordans took to the streets on 30 May 2018 to protest against a new income tax law [Nelsherif/Twitter]

Thousands of Jordanians demonstrated in Amman yesterday calling for the withdrawal of a new income tax bill, with unions warning that if legislators do not reconsider the bill a mass strike would be called in an effort to bring down the government.

More than 33 trade unions and a number of commercial and industrial sectors went on strike yesterday as part of the civil action calling for parliament to be dissolved.

Thousands of Jordanians demonstrated in the capital Amman in protest against the high prices, and in rejection of the new tax law which is to be discussed in the House of Representatives.

Participants raised banners reading: “Our strike shall continue until the tax law is abolished,” “No to the income tax law,” “Strike for the homeland” and “Strike today to live tomorrow.”

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Jordan’s Council of Professional Trade Unions (CPTU) has given the government one week to withdraw the unpopular tax bill.

If the government fails to do so, another general strike has been planned for next Wednesday.

“The people want the government to step down,” protesters chanted. “We will maintain our strike until the tax law is overturned.”

Last week, the Jordanian Cabinet approved a revised draft income tax law which would apply to anyone whose gross annual income is 8,000 Jordanian dinars (£11,200) per year.The government estimates that this will provide the state treasury with about 100 million dinars ($141 million).