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The dream of Israel on a calm Persian night

April 20, 2024 at 3:19 pm

General view of the skyline of buildings in Israel’s Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv in the early evening. [Photo by JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images]

The Economist published an article on 11 April revealing that the Israeli army was experiencing an escalation of military and moral failures in Gaza due to the incompetence and fiasco of the generals and the moral indiscipline and vandalism of the Zionist soldiers.

The publication reported: “It is now accused of two catastrophic failures. First, that it has not achieved its military objectives in Gaza. Second, that it has acted immorally and broken the laws of war. The implications for both the IDF and Israel are profound.”

Now, Israel faces a new dilemma: whether or not to retaliate against Iran’s successful attacks on Zionist military targets in the early hours of 14 April. The military brass hold meeting after meeting and have not come to a position on when and how to make a retaliatory strike on Iran.

Deep down, they are afraid of what might happen. In addition to being advised by their financiers from the US, France, the UK and traitorous Arab regimes, Zionist military cheers are taking the statements of the leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seriously when they claim that Iran used old weapons during the massive attack on Israeli territory and executed it with minimal means.

“We attack using ancient weapons and minimal means. At this stage, we do not use Khorramshahr, Sajjil, Kheybar Shekan, Haj Qasem and Hypersonic 2 missiles. Yet, we surpass the full power of the Western and Israeli systems with minimal forces,” asserted Major General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Republic’s military space forces. The message was clear: “Bring it on, we can handle it!”

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A post by Zionist “journalist” Emily Schrader in X in the early hours of 19 April triggered a series of dreams in the US and Zionist media about an Israeli attack on seven Iranian cities, including the Iranian nuclear power plant in the city of Isfahan. It didn’t take long for the truth about this Zionist dream to come out on a calm Persian night.

Images released soon after showed that what happened was the activation of air defences in some locations around the Iranian city of Isfahan after the detection of small short-range drones coming from the interior, which were shot down with the use of machine guns on the ground and that there was no use of missile defence.

The Zionist state pretends that it does not see that Iranian capabilities are far superior to its own. Israel was only able to shoot down drones and some Iranian missiles because it had extensive military and technological support installed in the region by the US, France and the UK, in addition to the support of the traitorous Arab regimes of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. Without this pro-Zionist alliance, the damage would have been far greater.

Operation True Promise led to selective destruction and caused disagreements among Zionist leaders, who did not trust each other, according to the US Wall Street Journal. On his X social media account, opposition Zionist leader Yair Lapid blamed Benjamin Netanyahu for the total loss of Israeli deterrence. “This prime minister has become an existential threat to Israel. This failed government must go home and its ministers must speak less,” he wrote.

Continuously, Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv has witnessed the daily flight of thousands of Jewish settlers who are exercising their legitimate right to return to Europe. A Mossad analyst estimated that if this situation of failure in Gaza and the defeat of Iran continues, the flight of Jewish settlers could reach four million people, causing a glaring population imbalance between Israelis and Arabs.

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If the Israeli regime really intends to continue harming the Palestinians, Lebanese and Iran, let it prepare for a spillover at least ten times greater than that of 14 April. Iran’s force was the least punitive the Persian country could exert. Neither the Iron Dome, David’s Slingshot, nor the system was able to prevent the precise attack against the stipulated main target, the Nevatim airbase in the Negev desert, from which the fighters that attacked the Iranian Embassy in Damascus departed.

Iran has demonstrated that it is not like Israel, which carries out cowardly and genocidal attacks. The Iranian attack did not hit any targets such as civilian areas, hospitals, schools, synagogues, bakeries, water depots, journalists, ambulances or daycare facilities!

The military operation carried out by Iran against the Zionist occupying entity was a natural right to self-defence, according to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. It was a well-deserved response to the crime of attacking the Iranian Embassy in Damascus and assassinating several leaders of the Revolutionary Guards. Now, Israel is certain that it will not be able to defend itself after the collapse of its deterrent power and its humiliating downfall in the face of resistance in Gaza and other fronts.

After the slap in the face on 14 April, Israel will have to choose between an open war, which will end with the elimination of the Zionist regime, or accepting the advice of the boss, US President Joe Biden, to “swallow” Iran’s coup. The Iranian attack represented a second 7 October and a turning point in the history of resistance struggles and movements in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Israel has gone too far, and its failures in Gaza are leading the regime headed by butcher Netanyahu to the abysmal result of its demise.

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