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PLO delegation heads to Syria

Senior member of Fatah’s Central Committee, Azzam Al-Ahmad
Senior member of Fatah’s Central Committee, Azzam Al-Ahmad

A delegation from the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) yesterday headed to Syria to discuss the situation of Palestinian refugees in Syria on a rare visit to a country with the most violent internal unrest in the region.

The delegation is headed by Executive Committee member, Azzam Al-Ahmad.

A member of the delegation, Wasel Abu Yusuf ,said in remarks to Turkey’s Anadolu Agency that the delegation will meet with a number of Syrian regime officials and representatives of the Palestinian factions.

He pointed out that the visit aims to “discuss the situation of Palestinian refugees in general, and the conditions in Yarmouk camp in particular”, adding that the delegation will discuss “the Palestinian-Syrian relations and ways to protect Palestinian refugees from the conflict in Syria”.

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Abu Yusuf stressed on the need for Palestinian refugees to return to their camps in Syria, and to reconstruct them, saying: “The camp is a symbol of the Palestinian cause, and a station from which to return to the homeland”.

The United Nations said in May that the Yarmouk camp, the largest refugee camp in Syria in terms of area and population, was “in ruins”.

The Syrian regime launched in mid-April a violent bombardment against the camp in the south of the capital Damascus which ended with the evacuation of Daesh fighters.

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