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Ireland expected to pass bill boycotting Israel settlement produce

July 11, 2018 at 2:50 pm

People come together to support Palestine as they walk towards the Israeli embassy in Dublin, Ireland [Tommy Morrin/Facebook]

Ireland’s Senate is expected to pass a bill today that would prohibit “the import and sales of goods, services and natural resources originating in illegal [Israeli] settlements in occupied territories”, reported Haaretz, despite the government’s opposition.

According to the paper, “at Israel’s urging”, the Irish government “sought to soften the language” of the bill “but was unable to reach a compromise”. Now, Haaretz reported, “the bill is expected to pass, thanks to votes from opposition legislators and independents”.

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In a recent interview, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said he planned to oppose the bill, and did not expect it to pass.

However, now that “three opposition parties – Labour, Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail – have announced that they will support the bill”, as well as “several independents”, the “bill is now expected to pass”.


The vote was originally supposed to take place in January, but “it was postponed after the Foreign Ministry summoned Ireland’s ambassador to Israel, Alison Kelly, and demanded an explanation”.

At the time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the bill “gives a tailwind to those who seek to boycott Israel and is utterly contrary to the principles of free trade and justice”.